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Throughout my four years of high school, the phrase 'pay it forward' has been repeated to me many times.

People say those three words without really understanding the power behind them, three simple words, meaning give back what was given to you. Show appreciation to those who helped you and give support to those younger who have yet to have the opportunities, privileges, and challenges that you have experienced.

Of all of the ways in my life that things have been paid forward to me, Booster Bash is one of the events that I remember most vividly.

It was a surprisingly warm September day and I was seven or eight years old. I awoke rather excited because my mom had told me the day before that we were going to the Booster Bash the next day.

Not knowing what it was, but having an understanding that any event involving alliteration was an event I wanted to take part in, I got ready to go have a good time.

There were all sorts of games! I went fishing behind a wall and got candy, won a fish, had cotton candy, had snow cones, and, most importantly, got my face painted!

High school students were everywhere and I recall thinking that they were the coolest people I had ever been around.

Those high school kids made me feel important when I came to their booth. I felt like I was the only person to ever win a goldfish with how excited they got for me when I made the ball in the cup.

That memory is one of my happiest early memories and has stuck with me for the past ten years.

Now that I'm the older kid who has an opportunity to help make some child feel the joy of winning candy, or a fish, or being able to have my face painted and pretend to be a dinosaur, I want to be able to make this Saturday's Booster Bash the best it can be with the most participation from the community.

This is an opportunity for high school students to not only raise money for their clubs in a rough economic time, but also a chance to make a child's day. Please come to the event and help Forest Grove High School pay it forward to our deserving community. Also, please try to bring a one item of canned food as an entrance fee to help us in another attempt to pay it forward to our community.

- Kyle Brown is a senior at Forest Grove High School and president of this year's ASB Leadership class.

CHECK IT OUT: This year's Booster Bash will be held, weather permitting, on the Forest Grove High School track, from noon to 4 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 24.

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