by: DAVID F. ASHTON -  St. Agatha Catholic School second grader Theo Pashley shows off the bag design that earned him a first place prize in a manufacturer's competition  - and $250 in cash! At the Sellwood-Westmoreland Business Alliance’s “Decemberville” promotion on December 1st, an enterprising St. Agatha Catholic School student took advantage of the extra shoppers in the neighborhood to raise funds for Outdoor School. His was an innovative way of succeeding, in a fundraiser underway by his school.

At his “pop-up store” under the Moreland Theater marquee on S.E. Milwaukie Avenue, St. Agatha second grader Theo Pashley was offering many designs in reusable shopping bags and totes for sale. However, he had other, and even more interesting, bag news to share.

“I won first place in the ChicoBag Hallowe’en Bag Design Contest,” Pashley confided to THE BEE.

His design will be featured on a limited-edition reusable Hallowe’en bag next year, which will be sold worldwide at the online “ChicoBag” website.

“It was near Hallowe’en, so I drew a picture of a bat,” the 7-year-old entrepreneur revealed. “It’s kind of a ghouley Hallowe’en bat.”

The best thing about entering the contest? “I won $250!” Pashley exclaimed. “I might buy toys or something – but no, actually I’ll probably buy a parrot. And then I will save some of the money, too!”

St. Agatha earns half of every bag that students sell in this ongoing fundraiser that Theo was participating in, mom Christine pointed out. Missed it? Bags can still be purchased online to benefit the school at:

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