Real people were murdered Dec. 11 in my hometown by a crazy young man who had a semiautomatic weapon.

The first victim, Steve Forsyth, was a dad who was excited about a new business he had just opened. The second victim, Cindy Yuille, cared for dying people in a local hospice.

They deserved to live long enough to die of old age, but because we do not wish to confront those who worship weapons, they are dead.

Perry Callas


Are we losing our ability to care?

It is very hard to imagine the “why” in this senseless shooting (“ ‘Adrenaline junkie’ uses stolen weapon in mall shooting,” Dec. 13). Where is the natural “live and let live” attitude we are supposed to have? Are were as people losing our ability to care or love at all?

It is just very sad to find so much carnage on the TV news.

This is the season of charitable living. I pray for the people that lost such nice, caring family and friends.

Let us live our true beliefs.

Lyle Edmonds


Don’t sensationalize mass shootings

Like others, I am sick of the media coverage given to mass killings such as the children slain in Newtown, Conn.

This sensationalism is exactly what the perpetrators crave. Therefore, let legislation be passed to create media blackout of such events.

And the murderers, whether suicide or slain by police, should be buried in an unmarked grave.

Sofia Katherine

North Bend

No more trendy solutions for neighborhoods

Regarding the article “East Portland neighborhood Baby Steps” (Dec. 13), would someone please tell neighborhood association President Mark White that the last thing those poor people need is another stupid trendy overpriced food cart in their neighborhood?

Let’s give the people something they can really use like a convenience store or something they can really use.

When are the urban planners going to start planning for residents other than yuppies, hipsters and people who watch “Portlandia” believing it’s a documentary rather than a satire?

This city is becoming a joke but it isn’t funny to the people like the sisters in your article who have to struggle everyday with the condtions under which they are forced to live because they don’t happen to be the “trendy” types to which Portland seems to cater.

Vicki Harrison

Southeast Portland

Put more energy into renewables

Thank you for this excellent article (Wind tax break up in the air, Dec. 13).

I’m sure that I’m not the first to point out that Vestas is a Danish company, not Dutch.

I’m a big fan of renewable energy and very much in favor of tax credits and other subsidies to rapidly move away from fossil fuels.There should be a moratorium on coal mining, fracking, tar sands extraction and oil drilling in sensitive areas, especially as much of it is for export to Asia and has little if anything to do with energy independence.

It’s all about profits for Australian and other multinational corporations which have no regard for global warming concerns or the health of the planet and its inhabitants.

Roger Noehren

Southeast Portland

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