1. Schools should lock all doors and windows leading outside and into hallways during class hours.

2. Doors with windows and windows looking outside should have mini-blinds for privacy.

3. All visitors, including parents, should be escorted to their destination within the school after check-in through the correct check-in procedures; also wear ID stating they are visitors.

4. In the event there is an emergency, children are to line up on the wall nearest the door, out of the line of site. In the event someone were to shoot a gun, the children would be away from any straight line of fire directly in the room or on the floor.

5. No child or teacher for any reason should allow any visitor — including parents — access to any room from the outside of the building — side doors — into any room in the school. Visitors must go to the office to check in.

6. Practice drills that are specifically designed for intruder emergencies. (These would be) different than earthquake or fire drills.

7. Have a code word for staff and children in the event there is such an (emergency) that they may know how to respond quietly and quickly.

8. Do not have the schools safety procedures listed online where people with bad intentions can learn how to go around the safety precautions and procedures.

9. Have front office of all schools in a conducive location to the front entrance where visitors have no option but to check in, allowing no access for people to slip by.

10. Any suspicious activity that occurs in, around or by schools be reported or investigated immediately. Allow these reports to be printed online or written for parents to observe. This action would allow parental decisions on their children’s attendance following unusual activities.

11. Personnel should be in office at all times.

12. Students always go in pairs on any activities where they are leaving the classrooms.

13. In the event of a lockdown, windows and doors should be lowered, covered or locked while classroom schedules continue on as regular.

Use background check software on visitors checking into the school for any reason (that sets off a) red flag.

15. There should be a secondary set of metal fire exit or entrance doors entering into the school halls from the front entrance. The primary doors would remain glass and point of first entry. In the event of an intruder emergency those metal doors would slow down or prevent entrance into the main halls of the school. These doors should be locking from the outside but not inside as per fire codes. Office staff should have a buzzing system that unlocks doors permitting visitors to enter.

16. Protective window glass that once broken, an alarm alerts staff, fire and police of an emergency.

17. Impenetrable classroom doors.

Trina Yount is a resident of Lake Oswego.

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