Nutritionist builds wellness

Nutritionist designs nutritional plans to achieve clients' goals

Linda Moredock, a licensed sports nutritionist who lives in Boring, says correct nutrition accounts for about 70 percent of a person's success at achieving fitness goals.

If a person's goal is losing weight or gaining lean body mass, it's important to have the proper calorie intake, she says.

But Moredock says fitness is more than just losing weight or gaining strength or building muscle groups.

It's much more.

In fact, as a personal trainer and sports nutritionist she believes considering the whole spectrum of the fitness wheel is important for overall health and well being.

'You can't just work on one thing,' she said, 'and try to make a healthy person.'

Moredock has been a certified personal trainer for 10 years and a board licensed sports nutritionist for seven.

Those years of experience have confirmed for her that to achieve any fitness goal and optimal health, one must consume unprocessed, high-quality food such as whole grains and a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit.

She designs nutritional plans that contain the right balance to promote wellness and help her clients achieve their goals.

She describes the fitness wheel to include strength training, flexibility, balance training, cardiovascular training, stress management and clean nutrition.

Nutrition is high on that list.

Moredock says some people sabotage their goals by consuming too many empty calories and not feeding their body what it needs to operate efficiently.

She says exerting control over body composition is simple. Just be sure the ratio of calories consumed to calories expended is correct, while making sure the calories eaten are giving the body what it requires.

'Some people work out, and work out and work out, and they just don't see their goals,' Moredock said. 'Well, it's because they are still eating the same way they've eaten in the past. So they're sabotaging their hard work and not seeing the results they expect.

'They might spend all this energy, but they're not giving their body what it needs.'

Since each person's goals and current state of wellness is different from others', each person's nutritional plan also must be unique to help them achieve optimal health and fitness.

'I don't believe in diets,' Moredock said. 'I believe in teaching my clients how to make healthy food choices as a way of life. 'It doesn't mean you can't have an occasional cookie. It just means learning how to incorporate a well balanced eating plan into your life.'

That's Moredock's job: to advise clients and help them design a personalized nutritional program that changes as their nutritional needs change while working toward their goals.

'We need to make right choices with our food,' she said, 'and eat more whole foods - the way God created them for us.

Moredock also checks in with her clients often to be certain they are progressing toward their specific goals.

For a consultation or more information, contact Moredock at 503-799-1873 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..