Property owner makes Forest Grove changes, too

by: CHASE ALLGOOD - The new Wilco will replace the one that sits on Baseline in Cornelius.It looks like the Cornelius Wilco will be upgrading to a new home in the next few years, bringing more room for merchandise and a new look to Cornelius.

Proposed plans show a two-story building on the east side of the current Wilco property, which encompasses a vacant lot and the store’s storage area.

Wilco is an agricultural business supply co-op headquartered in Mount Angel that sells hardware, animal-feed products, fertilizers, seeds, maintenance supplies and more.

The City of Cornelius Planning Department approved the application for a new building and the appeal period has ended, so now Wilco and property owner Jeff Duyck can start submitting building and public improvement plans. Once these go through the review process, the city can start issuing permits.

“We are really excited to see it happen,” said Dick Reynolds, Cornelius community development director. “The city is really happy to see it move forward. We’ve been working with them for years to get it going.”

Duyck, who rents the space to Wilco, is also excited. He is currently in the process of applying for funding and has already hired a builder. “It will be a nice addition to the city,” he said.

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