While the class of 2010 still holds the flag of a 'banner year' of high SAT scores, this spring's graduating seniors fall in line with Lake Oswego's consistently high- scoring test takers, said Donna Atherton, director of secondary programs for the school district.

The district's average score was 1,720, slightly down from 2010's 1,751.

The score is still high compared to other students in Oregon and the nation. Oregon's average composite score of 1,540 beats the national average of 1,500. Lake Oswego High School scored an average of 1,724 and Lakeridge scored 1,715.

More than 18,754 Oregon students took the SAT, which represents 56 percent of the state's high school graduates. Of the state's 2011 college-bound seniors who took the SAT, 25 percent were minority students, up from 23 percent in 2010 and 20 percent in 2007.

The SAT is an aptitude test administered by the College Board that measures math skills, reading/grammar and writing. The highest score for the test is 2,400.

Though it is traditionally taken by fewer students, the district also earned higher than average ACT scores with 25.5 last year. The total score for the ACT is 36, and the Oregon average was 21.5.

Many colleges accept one or both scores.

The SAT scores are reported as part of the school report cards, which will be released by the Oregon Department of Education later this fall.

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