Crosswalk on Division is a menace

The flashing light for the crosswalk at the bottom of the hill on Division Street is a disaster waiting to happen.

Someone will be killed or seriously injured if the light is not changed to a red/yellow/green light. I have nearly been rear-ended (twice) because people completely disregard the flashing light. My wife actually witnessed a bicyclist knocked off his bike while the light was flashing.

The crosswalk on about 110th Avenue and Foster Road at the Springwater Trail has a red/yellow/green light. Foster Road has as much or more traffic as Division Street.

The traffic light planners who put the flashing light on Division Street should get their act together and change this light before there is a serious accident!

John Misenhimer


Why can't we pay for rest area on highway?

It seems there is plenty of money to build special bike lanes on the highways, crosswalks, trails, paths, etc., but no money to keep the public restrooms open at Government Camp (Oregonian Sept. 23).

The people who suggest and/or make these decisions apparently have no functioning brain above their shoulders.

Hank Nyquist


Church members made a difference at Mt. Hood

I would like to offer my sincere thankfulness and express the high regard I feel for the 350 members of the Latter-day Saints who gave of their time and money to give a facelift to Mt. Hood Community College on Sept. 17.

As a former board of education member at Mt. Hood, I know the projects that were needed so badly, but deferred due to the lack of finances. For a community group to volunteer and come to the campus and weed flower beds, power wash numerous areas, sand and repaint railings, re-roof a small building, etc., - it has made a tremendous difference and shows what the public can accomplish without tax dollars.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Latter-day Saints members - you are much appreciated!

Beverly Russell


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