Tanker carried magnesium hydroxide, a laxative, but didn't leak into runoff system

A tanker carrying magnesium hydroxide -otherwise known as milk of magnesia - tumbled off Martin Road Tuesday afternoon, injuring the driver.

Firefighters from Forest Grove and Cornelius were called to the crash around 2 p.m. Tuesday. When crews arrived, they found the driver of the truck, injured and unconscious, being supported by a bystander who had stopped as they passed the wreck to offer help.

Firefighters used ladders to access the cab of the semi truck and remove the driver, who was transported to the trauma center at Legacy Emmanuel Hospital.

A Forest Grove police officer crawled into the cab of the truck to find paperwork identifying the cargo: magnesium hydroxide.

Since the truck had landed in the drainage ditch of Martin Road, firefighters evaluated the trailer to ensure it wasn't leaking and there was no threat to the public or the environment.

Firefighters then cleaned up the scene and made a small dam in the road ditch to isolate a small amount of diesel that leaked from the fuel tanks of the truck after the crash.

Martin Road was closed for two hours.

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