Steve Bates, newly elected chairman, will first focus on goals for the coming year
by: Contributed photo Steve Bates

Steve Bates would like to see a community/senior center for the Boring area. And he would like Boring residents to talk about the advantages of having a center near their homes.

Bates, the newly elected chairman of the Boring Community Planning Organization (CPO), also will propose at the group's next meeting that more law enforcement presence is necessary in Boring.

He has other ideas to present, but most of all he wants local residents to come to the Oct. 4 meeting and present their ideas about goals for the CPO in the coming year.

He wants a wide-ranging discussion on the topic 'Where do we go from here?'

The open discussion will begin with suggestions from Bates, designed to spur more ideas from local residents.

'The CPO's primary purpose is land-use issues,' Bates said, 'and I am taking the position this is the only venue for the people of Boring to come together and address other issues that impact local residents and businesses.'

The board of directors will meet Oct. 20 to prioritize the results of this discussion and formulate them into a list of goals for the coming year.

At the general meeting Oct. 4, Bates also will announce a series called 'Meet the Candidate.'

While the CPO will remain neutral in the county commissioner election, Bates says Boring residents need an opportunity to hear from the candidates - especially on rural issues.

Commission candidates, he said, are going to be invited to speak to the Boring CPO. Tootie Smith is scheduled for the November meeting. Other invitations have been extended, and Bates is waiting for replies.

Other topics on the agenda include an update from the park committee and reports from the CPO treasurer, communications committee, water district and fire department as well as land-use issues and a recap of the Boring Celebration.

During the meeting, there will be ample opportunity for public comments.

The CPO will hold its meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 4, at the main building of the Boring Fire Department on Highway 212 in Boring. For more information, call Bates at 503-663-6271.

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