Letters - Sept. 29, 2011


Neighbors Helping Neighbors really helped my dad

To the Editor:

A great big thank you to the people from Neighbors Helping Neighbors that cleaned my father's yard. They did an excellent job!

Gary Steffen

West Linn

Current police station building is unsafe

To the Editor:

You have read how unsafe the existing police station is. Please take time to visit the facility. I did, and I was ashamed that our officers have to work there. Their personal property and our police property have been attacked by vandals.

The building has no protected parking, and where the police currently park does not even belong to the city.

Please review the pamphlet that is being made available. I spent over 20 years of my life as a city police officer and sheriff/coroner - elected - and I am very proud of our police and how they serve us.

Don't let the Bolton fault line destroy the police station and injure or kill our police officers. That fault line is only a few hundred feet away from the police station that was built in 1936.

The police and the public should always support each other. We can do our part by voting yes on measure 3-377 Nov. 8.

Ron Whitehead

West Linn

Let's vote for a new police station in November

To the Editor:

I pull my car to the side to let the police zoom by, I hear sirens from my porch and I am grateful for the quiet presence of officers in the park at night.

I want and depend on their help in responding to community needs and in maintaining our safety. It's logical, then, that I make sure their capacity is supported by safe and appropriate facilities.

Please join me in voting yes for Measure 3-377 for a new West Linn police station.

Rebecca Smith

West Linn