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A Scappoose man facing 136 various charges of sexual crimes told officers he was sorry for molesting his ex-wife's children, according to court documents.

Shawn Leroy Mabe, 37, was arrested last month after his ex-wife accused him of molesting two of her young daughters, now aged 5 and 9, and attempting to molest another who is now 11 years old. The mother told The Spotlight on Wednesday that Mabe had stayed in her St. Helens home this July and August about four to five times a week so he could help babysit her seven kids. Before then he had a regular presence in her home. The two have a 4-year-old boy together.

On Aug. 23, while being interviewed by police about the allegations before his arrest, Mabe reportedly broke down in tears several times and said he was 'sorry for ruining his children.' Mabe is in the Columbia County Jail awaiting a pre-trial conference. He was indicted on first-degree charges of rape, sexual abuse, sodomy and other sex crimes.

When talking to a detective before his questioning, Mabe reportedly denied sexually abusing the children and wanted to clear his name. Police say he eventually admitted to molesting the girls during questioning.

Mabe told officers he had been receiving threatening messages from multiple people, including his ex-wife's husband, when the accusations surfaced.

The Amani Center, the county's child abuse assessment program, interviewed and examined the victims.

Allegations from court documents follow:

• Mabe said he attempted to sexually touch the 11-year-old girl sometime in 2008. She ran away and told him he was sick.

• Realizing he would not get away with molesting that girl, he moved on to another girl, now age 9, abusing her regularly since then. During an Amani Center interview, the girl said she felt 'scared' when Mabe would have sex with her.

• Within a month of beginning the abuse of that girl, Mabe started molesting the other girl, now age 5. He is listed as her father on that child's birth certificate, but she is not his biological daughter, according to the mother.

• During his birthday party last month, his ex-wife's 8-year-old son said he walked in on Mabe molesting the 5-year-old girl.

• That same boy cried to his mother, apologizing for not saying anything sooner.

• Mabe told police, 'The facts are the facts, there is no way around them' after he was questioned by them about the accusations.

Mabe's Scappoose address is in the 33000 block of SE Elm Street.

His ex-wife said she had no indication any of this was going on until her 11-year-old first opened up to her in August. She said she then questioned all her children and learned about the alleged abuse, immediately calling the police.

Columbia County Deputy District Attorney John Berg said Tuesday morning the findings are in the hands of the defense as they prepare for the next steps in the pre-trial process.

This story has been edited from a previous version to correct the current age of one of the victims from 9 to 11, and correct Mabe's relation to the girls. A police report stated the girls were his children, but his ex-wife says they are not, although he was a father figure to them.

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