>Coy cracks 1,100-yard mark

   Culver High's Bulldogs took care of clinching the Columbia Basin Conference's second seed in convincing fashion Friday.
   Scoring on its first drive of the night on the way to a 41-6 win, Culver established control early in its game at Sherman County. Its starters, mainly seniors and juniors, gave all of Culver's younger players a lot of time on the field noted co-head coach Mike Funderburg.
   Senior Mark Coy picked up 83 yards in the game to finish the season with a total of 1,183 yards. His average per carry was over nine yards.
   By picking up first downs at a steady pace and keeping the clock running, Culver built its lead during what became a comfortable win to close an 8-1 regular season.
   An offensive line stocked with classmates of Coy also protected senior quarterback Jared Adams. The Bulldogs didn't have to pass often in the win, Funderburg added.
   Once ahead, Culver ran as much as possible, said Funderburg. It got a chance to let some starters rest.
   But Adams completed two touchdown passes at Sherman County. The throws were of 46 yards, to Brennan Whittaker, and seven yards, to Chris Dix.
   Dix returned a punt for another of Culver's six touchdowns in the win. Nate Lewis completed the extra point kick after five of the touchdowns and has showed the range to hit from at least 35 yards during the regular season.
   Culver also had three rushing touchdowns, one of three yards by Nick Hagman, one of 32 yards by Coy and one of 13 yards by Justus Sheets.
   Showing balance in its attack will be among Culver's keys to prolonging its season, noted Funderburg.
   The Bulldogs head to Regis, a private school in Stayton, for its first-round state tournament game at 7 p.m. Friday.
   Fans journeying to the game will just want to follow the lights, explained Funderburg. There may be stadiums at both Stayton and Regis, but they are next to each other.
   "If we can run against them, it's our plan to keep running," Funderburg said. The Bulldogs intention headed into the game with 8-1 Regis is based deeply in the coaches' confidence in the players' ability to adjust as well.
   "We feel like we have shown we can pass when we have to -- so we'll be ready. We're going to let the game dictate what we do," added Funderburg.
   The challenge from the Regis offense should be among the biggest Culver's defense has faced said Funderburg. The Regis offense often comes out in a one-back formation but has also shown a formation with three receivers all on the same side of the center at times, Funderburg explaned.
   Having the discipline to avoid what the coaches called "stupid penalties" will be another key for Culver at Regis.
   With anywhere from six to nine two-way players typical for 2A teams like Regis and Culver, Funderburg said he doesn't think stamina will be nearly as strong a factor as proper execution by the teams.
   Doing their jobs will be just as important for the Bulldogs on defense noted co-head coach Ed Legace.
   "Our defense is designed to go against multiple offenses so we'll try to keep doing what we have done. But there are a couple of things Regis does that we'll have to be careful for," noted Legace.
   Culver's defense will have to be alert as Regis runs a multi-threat offense featuring a quarterback named Lulay who is part of a family which has had multiple athletes attend Regis, the Bulldog coaches concluded.
   Should it win, Culver stands to face a team which has played in two of the three past title games, in Dayton.
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