letter 11-7-M

To the Editor:
   We the Board of Directors of The Children's Learning Center are writing this letter in regards to a paragraph in the "Eyes in the storm" an article published on Oct. 31, 2001. The paragraph that we are referring to is the one that Diane Treadway is quoted as saying the present facility that Oregon Child Development Coalition (OCDC) occupies, which is owned by The Children's Learning Center, suffers from ants and rat problems and that the building was the worst Head Start facility that a touring official from the Head Start Bureau had ever seen.
   The Board is offended by the allegations and comments regarding the facility by Diane Treadway. With these comments she has put a picture in the mind of members of the community that the facility should be condemned. This may be because she is trying to help acquire a new facility for her program. While she has made these statements our director and OCDC officials have been discussing the continuation of the present lease through next year. The problems that she has mentioned have never been brought to our attention by her or other OCDC officials.
   The board would like to make the community aware that this was never a concern or issue when The Children's Learning Center operated in that facility. The Children's Learning Center passed every sanitation, fire and child care inspection while occupying the facility. Head Start and USDA also made annual inspections of the facility that always met or exceeded their expectations.
   Ron Matheny
Chairman of the Board
Children's Learning Center