To the Editor:

   What exactly are these people thinking?
   First I read a ridiculous comparison of an international terrorist to a national power plant company. When I thought that was as bad as it gets, I read an article that states a reason why the Migrant Head Start building needs built. The existing programs sends children home in the evening, get them back in the morning, wearing the same diaper they sent them home in. This does not warrant a $1.6 million building, it warrants an arrest for child neglect. Since when did it become OK to work on farm land and neglect your children? When did it become OK for the employees at a government-funded facility to ignore blatant negligence and not report it?
   Do the editors of our newspaper read the articles before they are printed? How did a letter to the editor, written by someone who is obviously not ashamed to insult an entire country, make it in the paper? His uneducated opinion and Chicken Little tactics, hoping people will follow his opinion out of fear of the unknown?
   Here's a scare tactic for you: these very people live here, in our county, doing business at our businesses. It it "OK" to scare the daylights out of people just so they will opt out for your opinion? Is it "OK" to ignore neglect and abuse just to use it later to obtain funding?
   Thank you Tony, for putting it in black and white. There is no excuse that can be used by any of these people. Now the entire community knows that fear, their own fear, is being used against them. That we have a government-funded facility, that freely admits to knowing about child neglect and chooses to do nothing about it.
   I will not be terrorized by a group of people whom I feel are trying to scare me into making their opinion mine. Nor will I keep quiet or be politically correct, when I know children are being neglected. The law requires that the very people caring for them, turn the abuse or neglect in to authorities. But because of money, they choose to ignore it.
   If you are in America visiting, or have lived here all your life, we have laws in place that we live by. Ignorance and fear are no longer an excuse. Get yourself educated on the things you fear and do not understand. Don't fall victim to a different kind of terrorism.
   Those who would allow fear to dictate their level of education are the very ones that should be feared.
   Holli Thomas
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