Shop offers healing, curios

Work with dolphins inspired store name
With a shop full of everything from crystals and incense to dolphin and angel figurines, San and Joe King are bring a many new ideas to Madras at the Crystal Dolphin Gallery, which opened Nov. 7.
   Twenty-three years ago, the Kings operated the King's Corner Leathers gas station in Madras, then moved to Loveland, Colo., where San had a holistic healing store.
   She became interested in various healing arts after being in a serious car accident 13 years ago. "I had multiple knee and leg injuries, my neck was broken in three places and they told me I would never walk," she said.
   Through physical and emotional therapy, she said she first had to learn to allow herself to accept healing, before it could take place. Exploring different healing arts she tried working with dolphins in Florida, angel work (connecting with your guardian angel), and earned certificates in Reiki, Magnified Healing, and Multi-Dimensional Therapy.
   Shelves inside the Crystal Dolphin offer a cornucopia of Buddhist, Christian, Native American and other religious items. "We have a variety of healing modalities so people can find which works best for them," San explained, noting, "We carry anything ceremonial and spiritual."
   Looking much like an import store, the Crystal Dolphin is certainly an interesting place to browse. Shoppers can find East Indian tapestries, essential oils for aromatherapy, wind chimes of every shape and size, crystals, Egyptian pyramids, African drums, nutritional supplements, smudge sticks, beaded curtains, meditation music CDs, toe rings, unique gifts and toys.
   In the near future, the Kings will be creating a meditation and reading area for adults with free library of self-healing books, and a children's play area, where kids can have fun while their parents shop. San does currently does healing work with singing crystal bowls which she says "help the energy flow in the body," and later she would like to provide space for yoga classes, massage therapists and drumming circles.
   The Crystal Dolphin Gallery at 47 SE 5th St., Madras, is open from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. The business phone is 475-1999.