Law firm opens Madras branch

Specialized attorneys visit Madras office
The law firm of Bryant, Lovlien and Jarvis P.C., headquartered in Bend, has opened a branch office in Madras staffed by attorney Jennifer Allen, with other attorneys visiting the office on a rotating basis.
   Allen, who is also the Madras City Attorney, attended college with the idea of becoming an accountant, but became interested in law and the health field during her junior year.
   "There are so many lawyers and the field is so competitive that I wanted to find an area I could specialize in," she said.
   While her husband Jason was attending dental school, she enrolled in the University of St. Louis, which offered a joint degree in law and hospital administration. She now holds a bachelor's degree in accounting, master's degree in health and hospital administration, and a law degree.
   The Allens moved to Madras in 2000 when her husband accepted a dental position with Dr. Wayne Schultz. She was working for the Bend law firm when it decided to open a branch in Madras last June.
   "(Mayor) Rick Allen had contacted our Bend firm and other firms while looking for a city attorney and another law firm for Madras to give people a selection," she related, noting she landed the city attorney job about the same time.
   The Bryant, Lovlien and Jarvis firm has 11 attorneys who specialize in different areas. They include Neil Bryant, Robert Lovlien, Lynn Jarvis, John Berge, Sharon Smith, Lisa Bertalan, John Sorlie, Mark Reinecke, Melissa Lande, Kitri Ford, Lane Lyons, and Jennifer Allen.
   Allen works two days a week in Bend, and Monday, Tuesday and Friday at the Madras branch, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., or by appointment. She specializes in general business and municipal law, and the other attorneys are available in Madras as needed. The office is located at 24 SW 5th Street, adjacent to Bank of the West, and the office phone is 475-2757.
   The Allens purchased a house in Madras and are enjoying painting it and fixing it up. There other interests include snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, playing pinball machines, attending Madras Art Walks, and raising two Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs.
   In the community, Allen was a candidate for the Mountain View Hospital Board, she and her husband have contributed to the Boys and Girls Club and supported the 509-J school bond levy, and she is the president-elect of Kiwanis.