Torres wins tourney

Madras Mat Club competing

   A group of nearly 50 boys and girls in various age groups and weights starting with some 7-year-olds weighing less than 40 pounds have started wrestling as members of the Madras Mat Club over the past couple weeks.
   Competitions are available most weekends for those members willing to travel, but many members of the group keep the competing they do to their intra-club sparring. The matches the young wrestlers take part in is often shorter than those at the high school level.
   Some ages wrestle only one minute in each round while older divisions usually expand the second and third rounds of a match to two minutes after starting with one minute.
   Ray Torres got the club off to a good start this season by collecting a win in his group during a tournament earlier this month. Torres is a Novice in the 83-pound division.
   Last Saturday, Torres won his division at Hood River.
   U.S. Wrestling is a national organization which the Madras Mat Club is part of.
   More of the club members will be wrestling Saturday, Nov. 24, at Culver. There is also a Dec. 1 event at Bend's Mountain View High besides a tournament hosted by the Madras club itself later in the season allowing local participants more chances to compete.