>   Culver Elementary Principal Stephanie Garber recalled how six-year-old Devin Roe had delighted Culver School Board members with a report on school activities the night before he died.
   She had students give periodic reports and said, "I selected him because of his bright, sunny personality. He's also quite a ham and I thought he would be perfect to entertain the board."
   Besides reporting on the school's Activity Day, Thanksgiving Feasts, and Principal's Awards, Devin added a personal note, saying he liked making "big blobs of Play Dough, the Snow Buddy I made with gum, learning how to read, and making a giant cookie with Mrs. Dix."
   Board members gave him a round of applause for his enthusiastic effort, then he was whisked away by his dad to his next engagement -- wrestling practice, Garber said. Besides sports, Devin also took ballet and tap lessons.
   Devin's first-grade teacher Jan Kelly said his classmates miss him and have turned his desk into a memorial to their friend.
   "It's a real loss to have him gone. He was one of the leaders in the classroom, well-behaved - just a teacher's dream," Kelly said.
   "He had an inquisitive mind and always contributed to discussions in a such a positive way," she said.
   They've been talking about Devin every day in her classroom and Kelly decided to ask the kids what they would like to have her do with Devin's desk. When one student said "I would like to have his desk by me" she decided to rotate the desk around every day, so every student could have a chance.
   "His desk has become a memorial to Devin and I plan on keeping it in the room all year long," Kelly said, noting on top of the desk are an OSU Beavers flag Devin gave her, Devin's gloves, and photos of him.
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