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reshman at Culver High School, Tina Roe was remembered as a diligent student and graceful dancer with both the High Desert Dance Arts Studio and Culver High dance team.
   Culver first grade teacher Cindy Dix said Tina helped her as a classroom aide last year as an eighth-grader. "She was a wonderful aide, constantly asking me what I had next for her to do. She was such a diligent worker and such a bright spot," Dix said.
   Tina played volleyball in the fall, but tried out for and won a spot on the newly-formed dance team this winter.
   Culver teacher and dance team advisor Sarah Cox taught both Tina and her brother Jason. "She was a great dancer and obviously had been taking dance since she was very young. I had both of them in several classes and they were very quiet and shy, but polite and talented kids," Cox said, noting the girls in the CHS dance team wanted to dedicate their next performance at the basketball tournament to Tina.
   Her mother Sandy Roe, was very supportive of the dance team and had even volunteered to sew their costumes, Cox said.
   Tina's ballet teacher Shannan Ahern noted the young dancer took jazz, tap and two ballet classes every week. "She was the hardest worker, had a really good attitude, and always put her all into her dance classes," Ahern said.
   All young girls dream of being able to graduate from ballet slippers to toe shoes one day, but their ankle muscles have to be strong enough to support the stress. Tina had a slight disappointment this fall when her teacher informed her that her muscles weren't quite developed enough to allow her to go on pointe.
   "She was working on going on pointe, but we didn't feel she was ready yet. I'm sure she was disappointed, but her mother has always helped her understand, adjust and move forward. Tina just said `That's O.K.,'" her teacher related.
   "We're having a pair of toe shoes shipped. I'll sew the ribbons on and she will have her pointe shoes at last," Ahern said, adding, "The family was so supportive, they were all a light to us. It's a huge, huge loss for our studio."
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