To the Editor:

   I learned my lesson. I will never allow an out of town newspaper to interview me over the telephone again. I was misquoted, misinterpreted, and manipulated. My comments were taken out of context. The topics I remember discussing on the phone involved the following:
   1. Most people like to live and work in the same area.
   2. Our Madras schools and teachers are the very best they can be.
   3. I do not know about any criminal records other than what I read in the papers.
   4. Traffic does not have to get worse in the vicinity of "B" and 16th St.
   5. I did say I would rather hear the birds sing than hear the "boom-boxes" boom.
   6. I did say we don't need a $1.6 million dollar building that will duplicate services that are offered across the street. After all, the existing facility is nearly empty all summer just when the migrant center is most needed.
   Perhaps these comments can be misconstrued as "racist" by a trained editorial staff who want to affect their own opinions on their readers. The same reporters/editors seldom visit our city let alone live in our neighborhoods. Do they have any real understanding about our community?
   Pat Taylor
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