Road danger

To the Editor:
   All too often people die before something is done to reduce or eliminate an unsafe traffic condition on our roads and at railroad crossings. Such as the tragic case in Culver, Oregon on Dec. 5.
   A neighbor of the Roe family told me that she has had several close calls at this same railroad crossing.
   Four years ago an accident at that same crossing injured a man and killed his dog. Had the man been killed, isn't that a heck of a way to have to think, perhaps lights would already be at this crossing and all Roe family members would still be alive?
   On a human note, one of six-year-old Devin Roe's classmates woke up from a bad dream a couple days after the accident and went to her daddy, who is a doctor, and said, "Daddy, you fix people, Please fix him so he can come back. Can you fix him Daddy?" Choked up and at a loss for words, her daddy could only say, "Honey, I can't fix this." I witnessed that same little girl cry and go into the arms of her daddy at the Roe memorial on December 13 when a speaker talked about little Devin ... This really caused me to realize that children and the community of Culver, have been emotionally devastated and scared...
   We cannot bring back the four Roe family members who lost their lives, but there is something that each of us can do in looking forward. If you see an unsafe condition on our our roads and also at railroad crossings, take the time to report it to the proper authorities and follow through until it's fixed. The life you save could be your own.
   I'm told that flashing lights will be placed at the railroad crossing near Culver. Sadly, too little, too late for Steve and Ethan Roe.
   Brion K. Hanks