>   Would you like to volunteer your time to help students get into college?
   Madras High School was one of 13 schools selected to participate in a pilot program of ASPIRE. Each school was chosen based on the diversity of their geography, school culture, volunteer involvement and available staff.
   ASPIRE is a volunteer-based program where adults come into the schools to help the students plan for college, vocations and other post-high school ventures.
   They are also there to help them seek financial aid and scholarship material, as well as to provide technical assistance for volunteer recruitment and screening.
   The volunteers work one-on-one with students under the direction of school counselors, staff members or volunteer team leaders. This program gives the students the time they need. An amount of time that school counselors can't possibly give them.
   The new MHS ASPIRE program is seeking volunteers to help with students' futures and is hoping to inspire at lease 10 volunteers this year.
   Coordinator Janice Brown noted, "This is a much needed program in our school and we need the community involvement for this program to grow."
   Whether retired or working, a professional or a tradesperson, people are urged to share their working knowledge with students for a few hours a week.
   By providing hands-on assistance, training and encouragement, the hope is that more students will continue their education beyond high school, whether it's college or trade school.
   All potential volunteers must provide references, and a criminal record check is provided.
   For more information contact school counselor John Reynolds, or ASPIRE volunteer Janice Brown at the MHS office, 475-7265.
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