>   Through his annual toy drive, Jesse Rodriguez of Madras was able to deliver Christmas toys to 140 children of area farm workers.
   Each year, he and his wife collect donations from local farmers and others, purchase, wrap and deliver all the gifts.
   Jesse thanked everyone who helped him with the following letter: Thanks to all the local farmers, businesses and community for their donations. This is the fourth year I have been able to help give toys to all the farm workers' children."
   "I know that the farmers are going through rough times, but they are still able and willing to give to the children during Christmas."
   "I pray to God that the farmers get excellent crops in the future. I also thank my wife Lupe and grandchildren for helping wrap the 140 toys. Also, I gave out 140 bags of candy. With my grandchildren helping. I hope they follow my footsteps and help the community."
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