>   The Ducks haven't beaten the Beavers this century and won't Saturday. This is why:
   Oregon State is playing as well as anyone right now, and all this U of O talk of sneaking into the Rose Bowl will be smoked out faster than a Eugene dooby.
   On offense, Jonathon Smith's 5-foot-10 stature compared to Joey's million-story-mural is small, but Smith's statistics tower over Harrington's when you examine the quarterbacks' last two games and their history against each other. And on the ground, I don't think I even need to mention that Ken Simonton will run over the Ducks for 113 yards and enter the Pac-10 record book as the first four-year 1,000-yard rusher.
   In receiving, however, I'll give the Ducks credit -- they clearly have a huge numerical advantage. In addition to his usual targets, Joey "I-threw-five-picks-last-year" Sharrington also throws well to the OSU secondary and safety Jake Cookus should be wide open again this year. He was one of poster boy's leading receivers with three catches last time our two teams met.
   But comparing the defenses is difficult task because the Ducks don't have one: they scored 42 points against Stanford and lost. Stanford, it should be noted, scored no points against the Beavers this year.
   I realize most of my reasoning is tongue in cheek. But if I may offer one serious note, I should mention that I had duck for Thanksgiving.
   Predictions: Beavers 24-Ducks 21.
   -- Troy Foster, OSU class of 2001
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