To the Editor:

   You know I have been reading a lot about the situation of trying to get a new building going for the OCDC Migrant Headstart program. It has been very interesting up until this point. I agree that there should be a building built next to where the other Headstart programs are at. Also because it is close by the hospital, clinics, and dentist.
   Yes, the neighbors are concerned about the traffic. Traffic will not get better. It will get worse every day no matter where you live. Mr. Easterling and Mrs. Taylor have no right to say where the building should be because there is not Hispanic Mexican neighborhood. Every town is mixed with different races. People can live where ever they feel like it.
   They also don't have a right to say that migrants are only Mexicans, because they are not. Migrants is not categorized only Mexicans. It's all races. Keep that in mind Mr. Easterling and Mrs. Taylor.
   Also Mrs. Taylor's comments in the Bulletin were not called for and she had no right to say what she did. She is discriminating against Mexicans/Hispanics. You should be ashamed of yourself. A person like you should not be in the planning commission. You need to grow up lady.
   "Migrants" to you means that the Hispanics have a higher crime rate and that they are the reason we have a poor school system," "That's why people don't live here. Why don't they go to Sunriver? That's where they work. I'd rather hear the birds singing than their boom boxes." As you quoted in the Bulletin.
   Blaming the Hispanics for everything that goes wrong here in Jefferson County is very childish. Everybody - all races - play their boom boxes. Hispanics work everywhere not just Sunriver. Then also if we are not people living here. What are we? What are you? You need to stop criticizing and discriminating people. These families are not bothering you. Building the program at Bean Park is just right for Headstart. I hope that OCDC gets their new building. I wish you lots of luck OCDC.
   Remember the word Migrant does not mean "Hispanic" it means a family or person moving place to place looking for work.
   Lupe Mendoza
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