To the Editor:

   I wish to respond to a letter that appeared in the 13 December issue of the Bulletin titled "Lots of Hero's." That is an understatement of course, and it is not my goal to make any attempt to dilute the valiant and brave actions of any of those who "put it on the line" in the era referred to in that letter.
   Neither do I wish to be involved in a popularity contest with the possibility of naming the bridge over Crooked River after Rex Barber.
   I would like to point out that the bridge is in Jefferson County, Rex Barber was a lifetime resident (except for military related years) of Jefferson County, and his action in deactivating Admiral Yamamoto was one of the major turning points of the war in the Pacific theater of WWII. In addition, his father was the founder of the city of Culver on land he donated, and his mother was a high school teacher in the Culver School. Rex was a true son of Jefferson County and the State of Oregon.
   I am adamant that these are compelling reasons for ODOT to honor Col. Rex Barber by affixing his name to this magnificent bridge.
   To do so would, by association in a common effort, give credibility and honor to all those veterans from Central Oregon in particular and the whole state and nation collectively.
   Bill Tolke
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