'Inaccurate information' is not helpful to the dialogue

To the Editor:

In response Mr. Luck's letter to the editor last week, I feel I must respond to two of the untruths.

Neither I, nor my firm, represent, or have ever represented Williams/Dame and White as he states. They are not, and have never been, clients of my law firm. As such, neither I nor my firm would get work through Williams/Dame and White, should Foothills be developed, and will not 'benefit hugely,' or at all for that matter.

Also, Mr. Luck claims that somehow Foothills is the sole reason for water improvements in our water supply. Future Foothills development is not included in any of the studies, and is not a driver of upgrades to our water system. Our water system is being upgraded to address operational deficiencies as well as ensuring that future Lake Oswego residents have an ample supply of the highest quality of drinking water available.

Lake Oswego is a great community and enjoys extensive dialog as we move through important issues. I welcome the dialog, but inaccurate information does not help to garner engagement in these important conversations.

Jack Hoffman

Mayor of Lake Oswego

'Glory for the Empire,' but the time is running out

To the Editor:

It is now apparent that our government will not stop from driving our country into poverty and bankruptcy. The refusal of the political left and the right to solve our fiscal problems will eventually drive us into collapse.

It is also obvious that the American people must stop this reckless journey into a cataclysmic downfall. We must force political power into a responsible fiscal government.

I am 70 years old, and have lived through nine wars in my lifetime. My family has served this country since Gettysburg. I have served in uniform with men both great and small. I have been part of Glory for the Empire for more than half a century. Our people are done. They are angry, tired and emotionally spent. We need good, honest wise men and women to run the United States government. Do you see any?

If America fails, it is quite possible that our children will live in squalor, and your man could die with a rifle in his hands. The choice is yours. Act, support, vote, or do whatever you believe is morally right. We have very little time left.

Tom Devanney

Lake Oswego

Thanks to citizens who paid tribute to 9/11 victims

To the Editor:

It was my honor to help facilitate the 9/11 events held in West Linn (earlier this month), but the real acknowledgements go to the hundreds of citizens who participated in the grass roots yellow ribbon project and attended the remembrance ceremony at Willamette Park.

It was truly humbling to be in the presence of nearly two dozen fire and police personnel; they were the true heros of the day. We specifically acknowledge the support of Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue Station 59 with their water rescue boat that made the ceremony especially poignant.

We have posted links to an event video and pictures at I personally want to thank (Community Newspapers) for the excellent event coverage and Bridget Saldino at West Linn City Hall for her help.

Dean Suhr

West Linn

Upcoming Foothills survey sounds like 'big waste of time'

To the Editor:

The Lake Oswego City Council plans to waste about $25,000 for a survey before the public has the relevant information on the subject.

Councilman Kehoe moved to have a survey prior to the information developed about Foothills and streetcar is completed. Why are we surveying the public before they have the information needed to make an informed decision?

If Councilman Kehoe wants to do a survey, I recommend doing it in January when the technical reports are complete and the public can make an informed decision. Or better yet, don't spend the money and let the people express their feelings about developing Foothills and a streetcar with the best survey of all: The election.

Councilman Kehoe, why are you suggesting a survey before it's time only to have it followed by an election being held for the same purpose? Sounds like a big waste of time and money.

Frank Hall

Lake Oswego

Editor's note: Councilor Mike Kehoe responds: 'As Mr. Hall states, a Community Attitudes Survey is a significant investment in public input. In this case, the concept of a survey was presented by me and the council unanimously voted to hold an attitudes survey on the streetcar. At another vote, a majority of the council directed that it be completed by the end of October. It was my desire to have a vote of the citizens before spending any more money on a streetcar study, but unfortunately the majority on council felt otherwise.

'Significant local taxpayer money has already been spent on this project and I feel strongly that the citizens should have an early opportunity to provide feedback before more taxpayer money is spent. It's ironic that the city council was required to vote on the streetcar as a preferred alternative clear back in April, while the citizens have not yet been given the opportunity for this degree of input.'

Laker cheerleaders, coaches, players thanked

To the Editor:

What a great opportunity for our kids to be on national TV.

Great game, Laker football players. I would also like to say fantastic participation to our Laker cheerleaders, what endless amounts of energy these cheerleaders always have, great crowd support; they need that in order to perform.

Thank you Teri, Amy and all coaches who instill the confidence in our children. Participation in any activity requires time management and to respect others.

These cheerleaders are funny, smart, beautiful and strong. Keep up the great work! Go Lakers.

Janet Watson

Lake Oswego

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