Beyond the call

To the Editor:
   This evening Dec. 22, 4:30 p.m. I was driving from Seattle to Bend and while passing through your fine city my vehicle quit running.
   I walked about a block to a Pennzoil Ten Minute Oil change facility. I explained to the manager what my problem was. While trying to help me find a rental car late in the evening, the owner walked in.
   Mr. Tim Miller drove me to a gas station where I was able to purchase a can of gas and some HEET. Then he drove me to the car, and darn, being out of gas wasn't the problem.
   We then went and got a tow strap and Mr. Miller towed me to his 10 Minute Oil Change where we put the car inside.
   He then let me use his facility, by myself, for a hour after they had closed so I could attempt to trouble shoot the problem.
   We didn't solve the problem, but Madras is fortunate to have business that goes out of its way to help, not only customers, but strangers.
   Wally Hopkins
Fairbanks, Alaska