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Fish unlicensed (temporarily)

Fish unlicensed (temporarily)

   PORTLAND - It remains true nothing is completely free, but for almost two more weeks Oregon's Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) is letting anglers and hunters do their fishing and hunting unlicensed. The department has waived the requirement to possess a license until Jan. 23, 2002, due to continued problems with the department's computerized licensing system. .
   Individuals wanting to apply for controlled spring bear hunts may mail in the controlled hunt application form with all applicable fees for a hunting license and application until the POS system is available. The deadline for spring bear controlled hunt applications is Feb. 10.
    Hunters or anglers who purchased a hand-written hunting license or one-day fishing license on Dec. 31, but need an annual fishing license or combination hunting and angling license may bring the hand-written document to department offices and request a refund of those costs when purchasing the appropriate documents. The public can continue to purchase licenses and tags at any POS vendor or ODFW office when the system is operating. A computerized or manual system will be in place at all vendors by January 24.