Metolius, county discuss agreement

City Council wants to hand over building services to Jefferson County's planning department
News Editor
   The Metolius City Council reached consensus on a plan to craft an intergovernmental agreement with Jefferson County to take over the city's building program services.
   With little discussion on the issue at its regular monthly meeting Monday, the council gave Jefferson County Community Development Administrator Butch Parker the go-ahead to draft a contract between the two governmental bodies.
   Metolius' building services are currently performed by the Corvallis-based Clair Company, which notified the city in July that it would be eliminating a cap on the fees it charges.
   With that notification, Metolius city officials have been concerned about the financial feasibility of remaining with Clair.
   "We've started losing money on our building program and we can't afford to do that anymore," Metolius Mayor Kathie Rohde said.
   Once an agreeable contract is approved, the county will begin collecting Metolius' building inspection and permit fees. The city will retain some of the money for signing off on planning compatibility.
   Jefferson County also provides building program services to Madras.
   Parker said Jefferson County's planning department will provide a better, more convenient service to Metolius.
   "We will have a faster response than their consultant -- it's just four miles away," Parker said. "It's just a matter of incorporating it into the rest of the county."