>Six area shooters earn trip to Burns with age group victories at Elks Hoop Shoot event

   Jill Suppah, Erika Miller and Alyssa Selam will be in Burns representing their schools and the Madras Elks Club as the three girls age winners of a free throw shooting contest held Saturday at the Madras High gym.
   Joining the three girls as 2002 Elks Hoop Shoot winners are Turner Gill, Darrell Ceciliani and Jasen Harrington, who won the three age divisions for boys which were held Saturday.
   Both the free throw competitions for the girls and boys featured 25 attempts per participant with the free throws taken in blocks of 10 and 15. There was a practice session prior to the event that let the children warm up.
   There will be a similar contest Feb. 2 in Burns to determine who is headed on to a state event in Salem.
   The Elks Hoop Shoot is a national program which awards scholarships to the age group winners each spring at a national championship which takes place at the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass.
   In the event the age group winners from any event can not attend the next higher level of competition, the second-place participant is sent in their place.
   Winners by division, their successes in 25 attempts, plus the second-place finishers in Saturday's Madras Hoop Shoot:
   Girls: 8-9 -- Jill Suppah, seven; Katherine Quaid, four. 10-11 -- Erika Miller, 12; Brianna Stacona, 11. 12-13 -- Alyssa Selam, 12; Beverly Dormer, 11.
   Boys: 8-9 -- Turner Gill, 17; Red Skywalker, 15. 10-11 -- Darrell Ceciliani, 21; Robert Main, 15. 12-13 -- Jasen Harrington, 19; Tyler Ellsbury, 18.
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