e 27 Scouts, parents and other family members were organized by Brian Feigner for his Eagle project which created a "Wall of Shame" out of elk antlers that had been illegally poached in Jefferson County.
   The 17-year-old Brian is the son of Vickie Rowan and step-dad Don Rowan of Culver, and is a senior at MHS.
   Beginning last October, Brian organized four work parties which mounted 15 pair of antlers on plaques so they could be hung on a display wall. The elk antlers were obtained from a the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's collection of ones confiscated when they caught people poaching.
   The Scout also had to do fund-raising to earn the money to buy plaques on which to mount the antlers. They he had to decide whether to purchase plaque kits or make the plaques themselves.
   "The Oregon Hunters Association in Prineville donated approximately $600 for the plaques and we decided to get pre-finished kits because they were less expensive than making them ourselves," Brian said.
   A portable wall worth $500 was also donated by ODFW.
   "The display is being kept at the Mt. Jefferson Rifle, Archery and Pistol Range in Madras and ODFW will take it to fairs and sports shows," he said.
   Feigner has been in the Scouting program since the second grade and said he isn't surprised to be earning his Eagle badge.
   "Everyone has been pushing me hard and supporting me and I knew I wouldn't get away without getting it," he said, noting he still has paperwork to complete and send in to obtain the award.
   His favorite parts of Scouting have been camping trips and hikes with his Scout troop, such as snow camps where they built snow caves to sleep in, and a hike they took on the Willow Creek Trail to Lake Simtustus.
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