Will be missed

To the Editor:
   I was shocked and saddened to read of the death of Robert Ervin on New Years day 2002. It is a tribute to Bob's unrelenting dedication to duty that he was killed while performing his paramedic obligation under dangerous conditions. He and his fellow Jefferson County EMTs and firefighters are all true heroes, whose personal safety and comfort take a back seat when they are performing their critically important duties.
   I first met Bob in 1994 when he moved to Madras and became the training officer for Jefferson County Emergency Medical Services (JCEMS). As the physician adviser for Jefferson County EMS from 1973 to 1997, it was my privilege to work closely with Bob as he made what had been a good emergency medical services system into an even better one.
   I will always remember Bob for his combination of sensitivity and wry wit, as well as his demand for excellence of himself and his fellow JCEMS providers. As a result of these qualities, all of us who were privileged to know and work with Bob became better health care providers, whatever our job in the health care field.
   George Waldmann MD