Madras couple gives gift after passing on

The Anderbergs leave $50,000 in their will to Madras for a community swimming pool
General Editor
   In their recently released will, Norman "Andy" and Gloria Anderberg of Madras have left $50,000 to start a fund for a swimming pool and tens of thousands of dollars to boost other organizations and thank individuals.
   Friends of the Anderbergs, Eldon Barker and Winona Seibold, who were named the executors of the will, outlined local groups that will be receiving donations.
   The Madras Boys and Girls Club will receive $24,000 with the stipulation it be used for youth swimming lessons, Bean Foundation $50,000 (for the swimming pool), Madras Seventh-Day Adventist Church $10,000, the Cascade Bible Fellowship in Culver $30,000, Jefferson County Food Bank $20,000, and Madras Lions Club $5,000.
   In addition, $5,000 each was donated to Lions clubs in the communities of Scio and Mill City, where the Anderbergs previously lived, and $10,000 each to two religious groups in California and Illinois.
   Several individuals were also surprised to find themselves named in the will.
   "Andy wasn't a gregarious person, but named people who were kind to him in his will," Seibold said, noting he said to add one office person who had helped him to the will "because they were nice to me."
   The Anderbergs were quiet, unassuming people who lived frugally and enjoyed helping others.
   "To begin with, they had nothing but apple boxes for chairs," Seibold said, describing the Anderbergs early married life. Gloria inherited some money and they had a home built in Madras, but invested most of their money rather than spending it.
   Gloria was the outgoing one, while Andy kept more to himself. She had worked as a switchboard operator when they lived in Mill City and at the U.S. Bank in Madras, before taking over as the director of the Jefferson County Food Bank, and Seventh-Day Adventist Community Services Center. She passed away Sept. 13, 1996, from cancer.
   Andy was a lineman for Pacific Power and Light and the troubleshooter for the Madras area.
   "Whenever anyone had trouble, they called Andy and he'd come fix it rain or snow, day or night," Barker said.
   Andy did enjoy belonging to clubs including the Lions, and Masons and was also known as a sportsman.
   "Andy was quite a steelhead and salmon fisherman. `Andy's Hole' at Box Canyon below Sherar's Bridge is named after him," said Barker, who often fished with him.
   When Andy passed away March 12 from liver cancer, he had the will all arranged. The Anderbergs had just one daughter, who was estranged, but Barker was able to locate her in Florida to inform her she had been left $100,000. The rest of the money was left to one nephew, two nieces, a co-worker and close friend, nine other non-relatives, and the above mentioned organizations.
   Mitch Minnette, operating director of the Boys and Girls Club, said the money left to the Madras club came with the restrictions it be used for a youth swimming program.
   "There is no pool, so we will have to figure out a way to fulfill the desires of the will," Minnette said, suggesting children might be bused to Kah-Nee-Ta or Redmond for swimming lessons.
   Jefferson County Food Bank Director John Curnutt noted, "We're very excited about it. The money will help us make improvements, since the building has had roof leaks and ceiling damage. The rest will be allocated to food as needed."
   The $50,000 left to the Bean Foundation was intended to spark interest in constructing a pool in Madras, but there is a timeline. It will remain in a pool fund for 10 years, but if a pool has not been built by then, the will instructs it to be used for youth activities.
   When Barker and Seibold informed the newspaper about the donations, they admitted Andy probably wouldn't have approved.
   "Andy didn't want his name on anything like a scholarship or endowment," Barker said, noting in their will as in their lives, the Anderbergs just wanted to quietly help their community.