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To the Editor,
   Here's a rebuttal to Cogentrix's "Let's Get to Work" ad:
   Let's use three Cogentrix documents: Application to Siting Council (ASC), Application to DEQ, and Application for Water Rights (AWR), to check the accuracy of the recent Cogentrix PR ads.
   "Environmentally friendly," the ad states. The proposed plant will add 1.211 tons per year of pollutants (DEQ table 2-10) over 20 tons per year of "Hazardous Air Pollutant Emissions" DEQ (table 2-15) and 23,112,941 tons of excess CO2 emissions (ASC Exhibit Y-T1). Cogentrix proposes 20,000 gallons of sulfuric acid and 12,000 gallons of ammonia onsite (ASC G-2) with 13 tons of waste daily (ASC B-7).
   "Comply with applicable local, state and federal regulations." ASC Exhibit K-1 ignores the Jefferson County comprehensive plan. "The project does not meet the County's acknowledged criteria for conditional use permits." (ASC K-7). Statewide planning Goal 3 limits power facilities to 20 acres; Grizzly Power wants 38 acres (ASK K-27). Cogentrix exceeds Federal Clean Air standards (DEQ Table 2-10).
   "Committed to mitigate for water use." Cogentrix requests 2.9 billion gallons of water yearly (AWR pg. 1-4). Cogentrix mitigation projects further deplete aquifers, but they may be allowed to buy their way through the process, according to recent proposed changes, which will not help local aquifers.
   "Good for the local economy." Cogentrix will take most of the scarce mitigation projects precluding further development in Central Oregon. Local unions oppose Cogentrix due to out-of-state hiring practices. Ultimately the proposed Cogentrix Grizzly Plant will be detrimental to tourism, farming and the service industries of Central Oregon.
   Any reasonable person who studies the Cogentrix permit application would have serious reservations about this project. To get the complete ad rebuttal call the STOP Cogentrix Hotline: 541-475-4446.
   Mary Zemke
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