To the Editor:
   Last week on Tuesday the 22nd, we were fortunate to meet some of Madras' Good Samaritans. My son plays in the Wilsonville Boys Basketball team and sustained a severe concussion during the course of the game and lost consciousness for over 20 minutes.
   During the emergency, we were fortunate that Dr. Carlos Kemper was at the game and came down from the stands to examine my son. Margaret Sturza, the Madras High School Athletic Director was by our side until we left with the ambulance, offering any help we needed. My wife, son and myself want to thank each of you for your help. Also, my thanks go to the man who gave me a ride to the Mountain View Hospital.
   Since we rode the team bus to Madras, we had no car in town. When my son was airlifed by helicopter to the St. Charles Medical Center in Bend, Dr. Paul Smythe, who was the attending physician in the ER, drove me to Bend. Just before we left Mountain View Hospital, a woman who was watching the basketball game stopped by to give us a card, wishing my son a speedy recovery.
   To all of you, to those I whom I've named and to those whom I don't know your name and offered help to us during our time of need, thank you. Our son is recovering and his prognosis is excellent.
   George Knollmeyer
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