>   Madras High has something to cheer over.
   Its cheerleaders claimed the school's first state tournament trophy of the school year over the weekend.
   In a competition at Portland Memorial Coliseum, the 12-member Madras High cheerleading unit claimed third place in the combined 3A-2A-1A coed division it competed in. Scoring 60.4 points, Madras was less than four points from second.
   Henley and Dayton finished ahead of the Kim Yaskus-advised group which lists 18 female and two male participants on its winter cheerleading roster of both junior varsity and varsity participants. Carah Stovall, Tara Barnes, Carly Lofting, Marlana Manion, Allison Marshall, Meghan O'Meara, Monica O'Meara, Tess Peterson, Sallie Polk, Shelbi Reeder, Christina Barnes, Christina Adams, Kristy Burmeister, Kaylee Dmytryk, Chelsea Flu, Amanda Farrier, Colleen Shepherd and Jesse Whicker as well as Chase Gill and Andrew Adams, at different times took part.
   While 12 attended the event in Portland, Yaskus said almost all of the cheerleaders attend practices for 90 minutes or more each afternoon in the upper gym area.
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