Rodeo series returning


   Competitors in the Alps Livestock and Rodeo Buckle Series will be back in action Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 9 and 10, after getting the three-tiered event off to a rather bullish start Jan. 26 and 27.
   Reports indicated there were no injuries but there were a couple of anxious moments when one of the bulls being used for bull riding decided it wanted to mingle with the crowd and somehow cleared the tall fence around the arena to enter the grandstand.
   More exciting were the performances in that event and many others by the cowboys and cowgirls on hand for the competition which will again range from goat tying and barrel racing to bareback and bull riding.
   Top finishers in the various events on Jan. 26 and 27 included:
   Bareback riding: 1. Robbie Radway (on Painted Sky) 74; 2 (tie) Alex Meroshnekoff (Flintstone) and Tyler Barnes (Angel Moon), 69; 4. Jacob Fiddy (Spotted Rock), 67.
   Saddle bronc riding: 1. Dusty Otley (Brown Bomber) 73; 2. Mike Romine (Frost) 69; 3. J.L. Schaffner (Painted Sky) 68.
   Bull riding: 1. Mike Romine (Code Red) 74; Dom Negler (High Roller) 73; Joe Oakes (Romeo) 70; Josh Brown (Jawbreaker) 69; 5/6 (tie) Jeromy Cooley (Diamondback) and Jimmy Floyd (Top Secret) 66.
   Breakaway roping: 1. Jennifer Jenkinson, 3.4 seconds; 2. Ashley Barlow, 4.32; Debi Alps 4.34; Lindsey Peila, 4.53.
   Junior bull riding: 1. Dennis Thompson (Black Beard) 62.
   Calf riding: 1. Dustin Suppah, 4.13; Tyler Beeman, 4.0; Cully Stafford, 3.03.
   Calf roping: 1. Larry Findley, 9.28; Ty Holly, 9.78; Bobby Alexander, 9.97; Jeff Findley, 10.56; Clay Findley, 10.94; Tony Green, 11.59.
   Open goat tieing: 1. Judy Robinson, 12.85; 2. Lindsey Peila, 14.75; Sammi Jo Willis 15.65.
   Goat tail undecorating: 1. Kristen Tom, 13,72; Jessica Wood, 17.78; Kaylee Patterson, 19.59.
   Open barrel racing: Dianne Koops, 15.54; Amber Aichele 15.61; Toni Hagen-Currin, 15.73; Jennifer Jenkinson, 15.88
   Novice barrel racing: Debi Alps 16.24.; Leanna Tom, 16.98; Sammi Jo Willis 17.08
   Junior barrel racing: 1. S.J. Willis, 16.46; Destry Begay, 17.56; Kristen Tom 18.06.
   Wild Horse Race: Pat Vargas team, 49.72; Tony Cortazar team, 51.12; and Marti Spino team.