>   Madras High School will be short an assistant principal Feb. 8, when Darryl Smith leaves his position at Buff Annex for an assignment in Kuwait.
   As a member of the Air National Guard, the 40-year-old Smith will undergo two weeks of special training in Portland, then head for the Persian Gulf country of Kuwait. At the military base there he will work on computer repair and networking and maintenance of secure communications.
   Smith's 22-years of military experience include eight in active duty and 14 in the Air National Guard. While in the Air Force he was stationed in England and Washington State as a telephone switching equipment specialist. He worked three years as a recruiter before joining the Air National Guard, where he does communications and some munitions work.
   His assignment is for a minimum of 120 days and he is guaranteed a job of equal status when he returns to the 509-J School District.
   In the meantime, the district is in the process of deciding whether to hire someone to temporarily fill Smith's position, or spread his duties among other staff members.
   Waiting for his return will be his wife, Caron Smith, dean of students at Jefferson County Middle School, and children, Luke, 17, Ashley, 14, Seth, 13, and Kyle, 10.
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