To the Editor:

   I was sad to see Father Stephen's interpretation of the meeting concerning OCDC, and felt he was not able to attend or hear the tapes of the original meeting, last year.
   I will qualify myself first, I am of Spanish-Italian descent, born in this country, which makes me a Proud American. My widowed Spanish grandmother was working hard at becoming a citizen (it was not so easy then) when her six sons enlisted and (one being rejected) five became part of WWII. She has a Purple Heart to replace the life of one son. She worked hard and lived without the many social services that we have today, and later did achieve citizenship.
   I remember what prejudice was even 50 plus years ago. This meeting had only one prejudice that I could hear. It was against the concerns of many citizens who had what appeared to be very good questions or alternative ideas, which, for the most part, were not ever answered, many people were shamelessly ignored. The only issue regarding migrant children was that we are losing our migrant population, which appeared to be a sad fact. There were many other alternatives to the proposal (which were for the migrant people), which were ignored or rejected.
   It appeared to me that this meeting was not about any issue, except money and control. There are many other issues which needed to be considered, that will not be able to be reversed, once allowed; however, please, if you were not there, listen to the original tapes of the meeting, or read the transcripts. As with Cogentrix, all new additions to this community need to be thoroughly examined. Here's a good question, Who ultimately gains and who loses?
   Sandi Martin
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