>Roy Hyder of Culver also receives a special recognition award

   Madras cattle rancher Tim Knuths was named the 2001 Livestockman of the Year at the 49th Annual banquet of the Jefferson County Livestock Association, held Feb. 2 at Granny's Kitchen.
   In announcing the award, last year's winner, Kenny Read, gave an account of Knuths' ranching history.
   Knuths was born July 16, 1959, in Albany into a family which had farmed for generations, being among the first land grantee settlers in Oregon. He was raised on a farm between Halsey and Brownsville, and from a young age had chores and duties on the farm as well as with the family's livestock. His family owned the Corvallis Livestock Market and he spent a lot of time working there gaining valuable knowledge and experience with the animals.
   Growing up, he played baseball, football and wrestled, and while attending West Albany High School he was a member of the Boys' Gymnastic Team.
   He graduated from West Albany High in 1977 and one year later moved to Central Oregon to go into ranching on his own. He was attracted to this area and its climate. He set unreasonably high standards for himself, and through great effort and years of long, hard labor, he succeeded in establishing himself and his new ideas and practices.
   Knuths now runs 325 pair of Angus-Simmental cow-calf pairs, and 100 replacement heifers on 30,000 acres of rented grazing land in Twickenham, has a ranch in Madras and farms 400 acres on Agency Plains.
   "He always had a great fondness for his cattle," Read said, adding, "Many years ago, in the very beginning of building up a herd, he sometimes joked that he farmed just to support his cattle."
   "He is personally involved in all the planning and execution of every aspect and detail of the raising of his cattle," Read continued. "He recognizes, knows and can tell you the history and disposition of every one of them. He has an unbelievable rapport with them, they readily respond to his presence or voice. He has for many years enthusiastically studied blood-lines, genetics, heredity factors to build his herd into one of the finest and most reputable."
   It was noted Knuths faithfully contributes to his church, and greatly values his family, friends, and a good game of golf when he can squeeze it into his hectic schedule. He enjoys watching TV football games, playing cribbage, savors gourmet meals and is himself an excellent chef.
Hyder recognized

   The livestock association also presented a Special Recognition Award to Roy Hyder of Culver for his behind the scenes support of the livestock and agriculture industries.
   Hyder grew up on a Central Oregon farm and cattle ranch, then worked for the Oregon State Police from 1965 to 1994, beginning as a fish and wildlife officer in Newport. He subsequently worked in John Day, Burns, Pendleton and Medford, and Bend. In 1980 he earned the rank of lieutenant of the Game Division in the General Headquarters office in Salem, and later was promoted to captain then major.
   As a fish and wildlife officer he worked throughout his career with hunters, anglers and landowners. During the course of his duties he forged friendships and partnerships with private landowners in Oregon, understanding their needs and providing services through fish and wildlife enforcement and general police protection.
   In 1994 Hyder retired for a few years, then began working part-time with the Oregon Department of Agriculture as a livestock investigator helping ranchers recover stolen or missing cattle.
   Hyder has also been a member of the Jefferson County Planning Commission and county budget committee and in both positions has advocated for ranchers by backing good land use planning and continuation of the county's predator control program.
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