>Several local entities are donating time, labor and money to construct two full-size soccer fields at park
   Feb 13, 2002 -- The latest addition to Jefferson County's beloved Juniper Hills Park is taking flight.
   Through a recent $25,000 donation from the Northwest Area Foundation to the Hispanic, American Indian, Anglo Bureau for Love and Advancement, known as HAABLA, the county was presented funds to contribute toward the Juniper Hills Soccer Fields Project.
   Construction of two full-size adult soccer fields that can be converted into four kids-size fields already has begun. Twenty-three acres of the park previously were developed and include several baseball fields and walking paths.
   The soccer fields project, which is scheduled to be completed by May 13, will encompass an additional 15 acres of the more than 100 acres donated to the community by the Bean Foundation.
   A long list of entities are donating money, time and labor to the project. They include:
   - The city of Madras is contributing 20,000 yards of topsoil worth an estimated $80,000.
   - The Bean Foundation donated bare land with an appraised value of $144,000.
   - The Oregon National Guard performed rough ground sculpting worth an estimated $300,000 in costs and labor.
   - The Oregon Department of Transportation will donate roughly $250,000 in costs and labor for paving and landscaping.
   - Gary DeJarnatt is performing survey and grading work worth $5,000 in costs and labor.
   - Jefferson County will donate an on-site maintenance building worth $90,000 and a high-speed lawn mower worth $30,000.
   - Kiwanis is donating a playground worth $15,000.
   - Vic Gregg is donating volunteer time to supervise construction of the soccer fields.
   - Edson Pugh is donating 80 hours of volunteer time to design and oversee water installation.
   - The U.S. Soccer Federation is contributing $10,000 toward landscape design.
   - HAABLA is contributing $25,000. The donation originated from the Northwest Area Foundation and was passed along to the Central Oregon Partnership, which presented the money to HAABLA through its Madras-area Community Action Team.
   More than 300 volunteer hours are being contributed to the soccer fields, project organizers said.
   Jefferson County is acting as its own general contractor so that local businesses can compete for project bids. Jefferson County crews also will perform much of the labor.
   More walking trails will be added to Juniper Hills Park, plus additional restroom facilities and paved parking areas.
   -- Troy Foster
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