LOHS gym closure causes scheduling headaches


Lake Oswego administrators were sent scrambling last Friday when inspectors determined that the roof above the main gym may be structurally unsound, forcing the immediate closure of the building.

The findings occurred hours after the Laker volleyball team hosted Lakeridge in the gym and minutes after the school held an assembly in the building on Friday morning.

"We were taken a little off-guard. It really came up quickly," Lake Oswego athletic director Mark Horak said.

Both the gym and the school's wrestling room are now entirely shut off, forcing Horak to make some quick moves in the middle of the fall sports season.

Fortunately, the school still has its old gym available for use and all varsity volleyball games will be moved to that location.

Where it gets trickier is scheduling practice time and games for JV and freshmen teams. JV2 and freshmen matches have all been moved across the street to Lake Oswego Jr. High.

The other issue this fall is with P.E. classes which are often held in the new gym.

"If the weather's dry we're good and we still have access to the weight room and the dance room," Horak said.

There is currently no time table for when the necessary repairs to the roof might be completed but it could carry over to the winter sports season where girls and boys basketball teams and the wrestling team would be effected.

"For wrestling we've been meeting with various entities. We've talked to the Parks and Recreation department and hope to be able to use the junior high wrestling room," Horak said.

For wrestling, Lake Oswego does not host an event until January 17 but, with multiple basketball teams, finding practice facilities may prove tricky.

"We've moving as quickly as we can right now and our coaches have all been extremely flexible and understanding," Horak said.