Three offices burglarized


   Thieves hit the Jefferson County Human Services Building Sunday night, stealing computers and turning offices into a shambles.
   While many offices were closed on Monday for Presidents Day, human services employees reported to work and discovered the burglary.
   Dave White, director of the Developmentally Disabled program, said his office is still trying to sort out the mess and account for things stolen.
   "They were looking for cash and keys to get into the other offices as far as we can see," he said.
   His office lost two new lap top computers and some software programs.
   BestCare, the combined mental health and substance treatment office, had the least amount of problems Monday, according to Office Manager Laura Dove-Kroo.
   "We don't know how they broke in, but there were drawers and boxes opened. We relatively lost nothing. It wasn't your typical throw papers around and dump things on the floor type of burglary," she said.
   At Jefferson County Health Department, however, it was a different story.
   Director Jerry Street noted on Tuesday, "A lot of the office was in a shambles, and they rifled through everything, but there was nothing major missing."
   He said one of the back doors looked like the lock had been jimmied and they suspect that was where the thieves entered.
   "It's hard to pin down what they may have been after. We don't really have any drugs here besides vaccines," Street said.