Kids in spirit

To the Editor:
   First Baptist Church Madras Youth Group spent thirty hours, March 8th and 9th, looking beyond themselves. Although our nation has been walking through a difficult six months we are still among the most blessed people groups of our time. Our youth made the commitment to forgo food for thirty hours in an attempt to glean a small understanding for the children throughout our world that go without food every day. Working in cooperation with World Vision 30 hour famine we studied people in Magole, Africa; a people that toil daily for clean water and applaud a meal of rice and beans as a delicacy. Once we looked beyond ourselves we concentrated on the One true servant of all: Jesus Christ Our Lord. He has called each of us to greatness by being the servant of all. Surrendering to this service our group began a campaign to clean up our church, and raise funds for World Vision (one student raised $50). We are continuing our goal to help others by starting a sock drive -- clean, new socks are desperately needed for homeless youth through the United States. We graciously thank all those that have contributed to this worthy cause and encourage others to look around for those in need and reach out a helping hand.
   April Engstrom
Youth Minister