To the Editor:

   Allow me to push back the frontiers of ignorance.
   I see these proposals as nothing other than a private pocket-ling project.
   Please really think about this for a moment, and try to come up with a true reason to build such power plants in Central Oregon. Give me a solid groundbreaking projection that would serve the public in a positive sense, five, ten, twenty, thirty years from now, without destroying the livability of the High Desert? Isn't the enormous negative impact this will have in the Deschutes Basin in particular, some sort of writing on the wall?
   On top of everything, the output of such plants would be siphoned away to other "needy/greedy" places, who are already getting a huge percentage of their supplies from the Northwest.
   The close to a billion dollars these stations would cost, should be put into developing alternate sources of power for the future of mankind. Of course the profit margin isn't the same, but we've got to get it right some day. We might as well do it now.
   Paul Grayber & family
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