MHC VOLLEYBALL - Reynolds surprises Gophers with a four-game victory
by: David Ball Reynolds setter Ihler Ruff starts an attack, while Gresham’s Morgan Schwab watches from the other side.

The final points were looming when Reynolds teammates Megan Pingle and Brenna Huwe chased a Gresham kill shot toward the bleachers, each getting an arm on the ball to keep the point alive. Still, that left Pingle trapped in the back corner of the court, facing the wrong direction with one chance to get the ball back over the net. She gritted her teeth, put her arms together and bumped the ball blindly over her head.

The ball cleared the net, but a surprised pack of Gophers were convinced it had been hit too hard. So they all stepped away, expecting the ball to fly out of bounds. It spun down on the line. Point Reynolds.

'I knew I had to go all out if I was going to get to it, then I turned and saw the ball fall,' Pingle said. 'After that, I just got in there and celebrated with the team.'

But this match was far from over...

Look for full coverage in the Oct. 1 edition of The Outlook.

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