by: Rita A. Leonard Garden expert Gary shows some of the plant selections available at the new A-Boy Garden Center on S.E. Foster Road.

A newly colorful corner at 7330 S.E. Foster Road has been demonstrating this summer how to brighten up an abandoned commercial site. A-Boy Plumbing owns the lot, which became the A-Boy Garden Center after a test run last year.

'We've nearly tripled our stock of annuals, perennials, and landscape plants since then, in response to customer requests,' says Manager Judi Barbour.

The new business also carries vegetable starts, plant food, fertilizer, and garden accessories - such as seeds, arbors, hoses, birdbaths, garden tools, soil, and amendments.

'We should be open this year into early fall,' confides Garden Assistant Gary, 'So there's still time to do some vegetable gardening.' After 30 years in the business, he adds, 'This is the first time I've ever had time to talk in depth with customers, one-on-one, letting them know what's best for their garden needs and how to grow it.'

Judi comments, 'We now have all the basics for a full gardening center, and plenty of parking. We can tell you which plants are best for sun or shade, and which ones are good dry-weather plants. We also have a 'senior discount' day, if you come in and sign the card.

'We can even tell you about plumbing and electrical supplies at our other A-Boy outlets. Check our main company website - - or call us at the A-Boy Garden Center, 503/777-3877. We try to bring in new and unusual plants all the time.'

The center has been maintaining the hours of Monday through Saturday 9 am-6 pm, and Sundays 10 am-5 pm, until they close for the season soon. 'We like to bring in things that you don't often see in big-box stores, like blue sea holly, pincushion flower, white shrub poppy, and crazy daisies,' smiles Gary.

'We're also familiar with the genetics of many of the new plant varieties. If anyone has any questions about plants, diseases, insects and so forth, we'd love for them to come in and talk with us.'

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