by: Photo By Troy Foster - Jeff Stewart, of Hoffman Construction, surveys progress on the parking lot.

   March 12, 2003 — The parking lot to the Jefferson County courthouse and annex building will remain closed for renovation the next two months.
    It is being remodeled in conjunction with a major renovation of the courthouse basement, where the county jail and 911 dispatch center formerly were located.
    The improvements will bring the county into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Adult Community Corrections will move into the basement of the courthouse, where county records will be stored and inmate holding cells will be constructed.
    The two remodeling projects cost about $400,000 combined, said County Administrator Mike Morgan. The parking lot project — financed by a $130,000 grant and $50,000 match from the county — will add new sidewalks, landscaping and a new handicap access ramp to the courthouse.
    County staff has been advised to avoid parking in front of local businesses during construction. If concerns arise, county staff urges you to call 475-6288.
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